“A Prophetic Turning Point for Humanity”

“We need to remember that we are at a prophetic turning point for humanity and that this volatility is here again for a reason by our choice. We need an explosiveness to make the leap.”

Jose Stevens, PhD, in “The True Nature of Infection and Viral Contagion” (thepowerpath.com, March 15, 2022), offers a positive view of the world, despite the turmoil, and foresees a “silent revolution, a revolution in consciousness.” Scandal and lies can spread quickly, Stevens claims, but the truth is even more infectious. He is a co-founder of Power Path Seminars, studied shamanic healing and practice, and is an author of twenty books and numerous articles.  (All quotations are those of the author from this article.)

“…what goes viral and what is infectious is always a choice.”

We chose to be here at this time. While we may have regrets, that’s “just ego complaining.”  “You have to really want to be here to incarnate at such a time.”

He reminds us that we can have a “bout with painful suffering or we can keep the suffering to a minimum and make the leap.” Again, we are free to choose. As he points out, people are about evenly divided right now between those awake and aware and those still asleep. There is no judgment in this statement, just an observation and understanding.

“What is not so obvious is the potential and possibility of rapid transformation in some people’s awareness and understanding about what our actual purpose here on the planet is…”

Why now?

“We have not been ready until now.”

Buddha, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lao Tzu, Ghanaian, Rama Maharishi, Krishna and others showed us our path. They met with resistance, however, and their messages became distorted. There are no exceptions, they said, when speaking of Spirit; no one is excluded. “There are still many on the planet that find the belief in exceptions to be opportunistic. This belief allows there to be have’s and have not’s, those that are saved and those that are damned and other nonsense.”

“…All are equally deserving.”

Think about the implications of that statement. Stevens acknowledges this idea will not be accepted by all since “there will be resistance politically, economically, socially, psychologically, and so on.” Giving up power and control is never easy, but a “complete revamping of culture and society is required.” 

“Those in resistance double down on their efforts to preserve authoritarian rule, warfare, death, and destruction.” Think about the destruction in Ukraine. Think about the recent and continual gun violence. The aggressors in the war and the defenders of the need for guns seem to go to extremes to preserve the lie.  “If we are unwise, we will take this as proof that the old beliefs are prevailing. If we are wise, we will see the desperation of a last gasp to hold onto lies.”

Stevens advises us not to fixate on what we are afraid of, but to focus instead on what opportunities may now be available.What happens is up to us. We are free to choose. How we react and what we do is always our decision.

“Not only is this a highly explosive time on the planet but it is obviously a highly infectious time.”

David R Hawkins, MS, PhD in his book Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (2002) claims that only 15% of the population can affect the remaining 85%. Let’s become part of the 15% and allow what Stevens sees as the positive forces in this “infectious time” to help “transform the world.” This is the time for a “silent revolution, a revolution of consciousness,” a time to raise our consciousness, to raise our vibrations to help change the world.

“We depend upon viral activity, infections, and contagion to transform the world. Without these forces new ideas would never take hold.”

One response to ““A Prophetic Turning Point for Humanity””

  1. Dear Cheryl, Thank you for yet another thought provoking article. It certainly gives me reason to chsklrnge my ien beliefs.

    I hope that you are doing well. I am much more energetic bow that I have recovered from Covid. Deborah is coming today with Gus, the pacifist Philadelphia street dog! The recital is tomorrow after which I have only one more show on the 15th. Thank goodness that Figaro and Sheldon are both low maintenance housemates! I hope that you have a good month ahead and that I will see you this summer!! Love, Susan

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