Cheryl A Chatfield, PhD

I spent years as a public school teacher, a stock broker, a university instructor, a writer, and a speaker. Now a contemplative life calls to me.

My previous spiritual quest, research and writing led me to explore life after death (exploringlifeafterlife.com) and 7 Universal Principles (7SpiritualGuidestoLiving.com). Currently, I am researching and experiencing Mysticism.


As The Light of Venus Rose, a mystical novel

Do It Yourself Guide to Spirituality: Seven Simple Steps

The Lost Principles, a novel

Don’t Fall Off the Bicycle: Balancing Chaos and Order in Our Lives

The Trust Factor: The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century

All books are available on Amazon




Contact me: cherylachatfield@gmail.com

“It is women who are going to transform the whole world .”
But the world needs women who make up their minds to use the power they have over men, not to seduce them but to make them nobler beings.”

Omraam Michael Aivanhov

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