Transcending the Divide: A Spiritual Approach to our Social Unrest Part II – Accept Responsibility

Summary of “Introduction toTranscending the Divide: A Spiritual Approach to Our Social Unrest” (See Oct 17, 2022 post) 

The introduction presented the Seven Cosmic Principles, or Universal Laws: Connection, Law and Order, Change, Pattern, Cycles, Balance, and Creation.

These Cosmic Principles relate to the 4 Required Actions of I. Release Insecurity, II. Accept Responsibility, III. Find Balance, and IV. Create the Future, which ask us to change ourselves, not others, as we help heal the earth:

Summary of “Part I – Release Insecurity” (See Oct 24, 2022 post): This first of the 4 Required Actions is related to the 1st Cosmic Principle: Connection in which we learn that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. Once we accept ourselves as connected to a higher or divine energy, we can believe in our own worth and Release any Insecurity.

This post:

Part II – Accept Responsibility

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing bad happens; only the right things occur in our lives. As difficult as that is to accept at times, this is the 2nd Cosmic Principle: Law and Order. Life isn’t always the way we think or want it to be, but there is order in the universe. There is a reason for everything, even if we are unaware of it.

We must accept responsibility for our actions. Aivanhov states that we cannot escape the “decree of divine justice.” His words show the 2nd Cosmic Principle: Law and Order. He further declares that “with a few extremely rare exceptions, no human being has ever been born into this world without some faults for which he has to make reparation or some debts to pay.”

Law and order exist in the world and the universe. Any negative action that we do has negative consequences for us. If we do something wrong, that action will affect us in some way. Just the same, all the good we do rewards us. While the consequences may not be seen or felt in ourselves or others even in this same lifetime, there will be an accounting, at some point, for our actions, both good and bad. That is the law of the universe. That is the law of our lives. Every one of our actions has repercussions, every one.

Cause and effect exist in the world. We are not victims. Our decisions create our outcomes. We can perform the actions that will produce the effects we desire. According to the 1st Cosmic Principle: Connection, we are part divine and reflect something bigger. Therefore, we become better humans with smarter decisions, ones that help make a difference in the world.

Since we are co-creators in our lives, we must always look to see if we cause, in some way, to any self-sabotage. This is not judging but understanding, as we struggle to interpret our lessons. Learning continues throughout our lifetime, another aspect of spiritual growth.

As discussed in Part I: Release Insecurity, if we aren’t loving ourselves, our actions will be less effective. Loving ourselves is a rather broad concept, but if we accept that we are part divine and that all things are connected, we cannot continue to thwart our own actions. Accepting oneself does not leave room for self doubt. We are not perfect, nor do we need to be. We are human, and that is all we need to be, with faults that we can accept about ourselves and improve upon, because that is part of being human.

This is one of the hardest of the 4 Required Actions because we must accept responsibility for everything we do. There are consequences to whatever action we take. Any activity we engage in will have repercussions for ourselves and for others.

“God neither punishes nor rewards us. It is we ourselves who, by our thoughts, feelings and acts…either suffer or benefit from those actions.” Aivanhov

“We always reap what we sow, and that if we sow good seed we can be sure that sooner or later we share reap good fruits…You can be quite certain that will be rewarded one day, that gifts are already on their way.” Aivanhov

We may never know why something occurs, whether there is past life karma or an agreed upon learning for our spiritual growth. Accepting that everything happens for a reason, rather than judging ourselves or others, is a better response.

Determinism not Fatalism

There are no coincidences in life, and random events do not occur. This needs some clarification, though. Think of the difference between fatalism and determinism. Fatalism claims that we have no effect on any events in our lives; things just happen. A fatalistic view would account for no spontaneity; everything is arranged.

In determinism, and in this 2nd Cosmic Principle, every activity is influenced by something preceding it. We can and do create our lives; we create with our actions. Every one of our decisions has an effect. Nothing happens by chance, but everything happens for a reason. We may not always know the reason since a cause may simply be beyond our knowledge, but this is not the same thing as “chance.” Every event is determined by a previous one.

Everything happens for a reason. Our actions determine the consequences.

3rd, 4th and 5th Cosmic Principles

Part of accepting responsibility for our actions is to accept and understand the Principles, or rules, that guide us. We cannot ignore what they tell us. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Cosmic Principles, which represent Change, Pattern, and Cycles, reinforce the 2nd Cosmic Principle: Law and Order and are included in this same discussion.

The 3rd Cosmic Principle: Change

Science teaches that all objects and our bodies are composed of atoms that are in constant motion. Matter vibrates. If the motion increases, the state of the object changes. Ice is heated to water. Water is heated to steam. Light, heat, and electricity vibrate. Colors form a spectrum from red to violet. All energies move and shift. We are energy; we are vibrations.  Transition is not something to be feared, but a normal part of life, as in the 3rd Cosmic Principle of Change.

What is true of our physical bodies is also true of our mental and spiritual states. Just as physical objects modify their state, such as water to steam, our thoughts adjust. Thoughts are vibrations. We can stimulate our ideas and move them to a higher, more positive state, or we can lower them and become caught in negative emotions. We change. How we do that is our choice. Accepting responsibility is focusing on higher thoughts.

We can embrace change and see the world with more possibilities. We can see the world with better eyes and more optimism.

We choose those who surround us. We choose which thoughts and emotions dominate our lives. Each mental, emotional or spiritual state has its own rate of vibration. We can transform that rate at will and remain calm, unaffected by the opinions around us. We can manage our thoughts to avoid negative beliefs altering our positivity. We can avoid the up and down drama of family, friends, associates, and the latest news. While we may not be able to remove or distance ourselves from some negative people, we can raise our own vibrations to be less influenced by them. This is “Transcending the Divide.”

This 3rd Cosmic Principle:Change may be easy to understand but difficult to accept since we tend to dislike disruption in our lives. Change will occur, however, no matter what we do.

The 4th Cosmic Principle: Pattern

The universe, the world, our bodies and our lives are in constant motion, yet that motion is not random. We move in a pattern or rhythm, which provides comfort to the idea of constant change. This is the 4th Cosmic Principle: Pattern.

All motion alternates between opposite extremes. The earth rotates on its axis. The earth and other planets revolve around the sun. The oceans rise and fall with the tides. Night turns into day and day into night. We sleep and we wake. These are the rhythms of life, the regular recurring and ordered movements. 

We have a certain pattern that defines us. We can feel more comfortable, knowing there is a structure underlying whatever modifications we are currently experiencing. Accept that boundaries exist. 

The 5th Principle: Cycles

Planets cycle around the sun. Electrons revolve within atoms. On a large and small scale in the universe, there are circles, just as there are boundaries around our lives. These cycles of the 5th Cosmic Principle, however, are not restricted to simple repetitions of going around and around. There is movement or growth within those patterns. Nothing remains the same, as we learned in the 3rd Cosmic Principle: Change. The cycles in nature and in our lives turn into spirals.

Within the boundaries in our lives, we have unlimited possibilities, despite a feeling of restraint. We move in a cycle but progress. We are defined by the circles but not held back by them. We can choose to move forward and upward. 

I like a quotation from “The Freedom of our Limitations” in Spirituality & Health magazine (Mar-Apr 2007):

“There is a Japanese saying: The elbow does not bend outward. It is a smart saying. The freedom of the elbow, the wonderfulness of the elbow, is precisely because of its limitations. This is our awakened attitude. We are free to be completely human. We are not free to be aliens or cartoon creatures. We are free to be ourselves, with all of our imperfections and bruises”.

“The freedom of our limitations” is our challenge. As we enjoy and exercise that freedom, we begin to define how we choose to heal ourselves. What are the skills, talents and feelings that define us? Within the confines of our lives, there is an acceptance of who and what we currently are. There is also room to move out of that circle of our life into an upward spiral, to a more spiritual life. We can advance to a life capable of “Transcending the Divide.

Everything happens for a reason in our lives. Our actions have consequences. Law and order exist.

Change, a Pattern and Cycles also exist. Disruptions occur within limits as we progress upward.

Understanding these rules, we can accept responsibility for our actions and our lives.

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