“Consciousness is existence itself; Consciousness, existence and our souls cannot be separated.”

Ivan Antic, author of The Physics of Consciousness: In The Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Soul (Samkhya Publishing, 2021), is a Zen Buddhist monk with an impressive array of over 40 books on such topics as consciousness, soul, meditation and astrology. I often discuss books that are important but not everyone needs to read them. This is such a book. While the content is valuable, comprehending that content can be difficult. I include here what I find most significant. All quotations are from Antic’s book.

I have struggled with the concept of “consciousness.” Antic’s work helped me; I hope the same may be true for you. You might try reading this material almost as a meditation. His words are powerful and need little explanation. Understanding is a feeling, not a logical exercise. Simply let his words seep into your soul.

I like the simplicity of Antic’s definition of “consciousness” and repeat the quotation from the beginning of this post.

“Consciousness is existence itself; consciousness, existence and our souls cannot be separated.”

The quantum field is another concept he clarifies:

“The quantum field is all the space which contains the entire cosmos, all of nature, and ourselves included. We are in it all of the time.”

These are difficult times, according to the author, needing awakened, enlightened humans:

“The development of civilization has reached a critical point: …it depends more on the human than on anything else in the outer world. That is why it is such a threat…. A higher number of enlightened individuals will spontaneously, with their existence, lead to the collective effect of awakening to a humane civilization…”

Becoming “enlightened” is becoming more conscious, more aware, and more in tune with our soul.

“The more consciousness in the mind becomes whole and continually present, which is achieved through the discipline of meditating, the more powerful our conscious functioning is.”

We are a bridge between earth and heaven, between “the lower nature and the divine sphere.”

Think of this as you read the next three quotations:

“Only unconscious people differentiate between ‘spirituality’ and “materialism’ and oppose them. An awakened human always and in everything sees the divine consciousness only.”

“The same consciousness that creates the universe is the consciousness that creates our mind.”

“The more consciousness is present in actions, the more the actions are right and proper.”

Antic’s claim that we can influence our future and the development of civilization happens only when we are clear about what we want and are deserving in our requests:

“We are the only ones who can change our realities.”

“To the degree humans are complete in their essence, in the soul, to that degree, they can positively and creatively influence nature and events.”

“We have to be the reality we would like to have.”

“Only those intentions that are worthy can be realized over time, usually not in the way the mind has planned, but in a much more creative and more versatile way. It also means we must be worthy of the change to come.”

“All the problems in all of the universes originate only as a result of a difference between something else and the divine consciousness.”

Antic wants us to understand that “The church and political institutions have done everything in their power to eliminate the notion of consciousness of the soul in both formal education and science, as well as in religion.”

Our challenge is to become aware of our inner senses, our soul and our consciousness, and then to ignore the organizations that attempt to discredit our ability to do that.

Think of the quantum field, where everything resides, and focus on consciousness to create the world we desire.

While I found many of Antic’s statements difficult, I found this next one particularly perplexing: “We are in the physical world only when we are in the physical mind.” Upon reflection, I understand that since we are always in the quantum field, we can connect with our consciousness or soul whenever we allow ourselves to escape our physical, cluttered mind.

How often do we want an external change before we internalize one? Once again, we are told that isn’t the way life happens. The hard, internal work comes first. Never easy, forever necessary. Antic reminds us of our responsibility:

“A true human civilization can never be outward first and human afterward. The only way for it to be realized is for the process to happen in humans first, and for them to realize it outward as a consequence of their inner quality. Consciousness is always the creator of existence, not the other way around.”

And the most important message of all:

“… we do not go back to the divine because we were never apart…nor were we in any way different from it.”

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