“With Joy and Suffering”

“Living in the fullness of the moment with joy and suffering, witnessing it all in its perfection, our hearts still go out to those who are suffering.” Ram Dass Ram Dass in Polishing the Mirror: How to Live From Your Spiritual Self (Sounds True, 2014) wants us to live “with joy and suffering,” reminiscent ofContinue reading ““With Joy and Suffering””

“Love was his Real Teaching”

“The essence of a relationship with a guru or spiritual teacher is love.” “He was like a magnet of love attracting us all. And that love was his real teaching.” Ram Dass Ram Dass’ life in Polishing the Mirror: How to Live From Your Spiritual Heart (Sounds True, 2014) changed drastically when he met hisContinue reading ““Love was his Real Teaching””

“The Severity of our Predicament”

In Radical Regeneration: Birthing the New Human in the Age of Extinction by Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker (iuniverse, 2020), the authors want to make sure that we understand “the severity of our predicament” today from the pandemic, climate change, racial inequality, and political unrest. Yet their main discussions center around the optimism of ourContinue reading ““The Severity of our Predicament””

“Mirth and Mourning”

“Mirth and Mourning” are equally important, claims Julian in Julian of Norwich: Wisdom in a Time of Pandemic — and Beyond by Matthew Fox (iuniverse, 2020). An inspiring thought, asking us to be happy as well as sad, from a medieval mystic living in the 15th century during the bubonic plague. A Catholic anchoress, notContinue reading ““Mirth and Mourning””